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Re: Security policy oversight needed?

Dne 19.11.2009 12:15, Richard Hughes napsal(a):
> The problem is who to target. If you call Fedora a desktop distro,
> then it makes perfect sense for local users to be able to shutdown the
> computer, suspend, change the system clock and install clipart without
> passwords, as long as it's done in a secure way.

I personally don't agree with the PK change, but I think we are missing
much bigger forest for this tree. If you go to
http://fedoraproject.org/get-fedora what do you see (and what most
people download)?

"Get Fedora 12 Desktop Edition Now"

Where do you see "Fedora 12 Server Edition"? Nowhere, because we don't
have it. I was shouting whole morning on IRC to Server Spin folks about
it, but I think we are really missing Server Spin. Something which
wouldn't be useful as enterprise grade server (because we don't have
enough long time support for Fedora; please, don't go into this flamewar
now!), but as a project to develop such beast.

And of course, it is yet another post, where I ask somebody else to do
something, which I won't do :).


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