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Re: F12: where did window properties go?

On 11/19/2009 04:01 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
Rahul Sundaram<sundaram fedoraproject org>  writes:
I said, it *will* be an upstream change.

Upstream change or not, you're pissing off users to save 59k out of
however many gigabytes a minimal GNOME install is.  I shouldn't really
presume to speak for others, but for me focus-follows-mouse is wired
into the fingertips --- it's not a negotiable UI change

Yes, same for me. Coming from the Unix world, I'd be utterly lost without focus-follows-mouse. As Tom said, it's a fundamental UI behavior that is difficult to change when you're used to it. It's like switching to vim after using emacs for 20 years, or vice versa. If Gnome takes it away, I'd be forced to hack my own patches to keep it around, which would be painful. I do hope they at least keep it even just as a gconf setting. Unfortunately, GNOME has a knack for slowly taking away configuration options, and if you read between the lines their reasoning is always the same: we love Windows and we want Gnome to be just like it. Or so it seems.


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