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Re: Local users get to play root?

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Jeff Garzik (jgarzik pobox com) said:
This sounds like a tacit admission that the default install for
servers is bloody stupid (== same as desktop), unless the admin
REMOVES packages we helpfully installed on the server system.

PackageKit has only ever been included in destkop package groups.
While these groups are enabled by default, they are with the caveat of:

"The default installation of Fedora includes a set of software
applicable for general internet usage."

I've just been and checked on our servers, which were installed with minimal packages and never used for desktop activities and found two of them with PackageKit installed.

Looking at the dependencies there is nothing on those machines which currently requires PackageKit so it could be cleanly removed, but something has pulled this in as a dependency in the past.

Both of these machines have been through sequential upgrades from around FC3.

Changing the behaviour of PackageKit would certainly affect me and I've never explicity installed it.

(This was all easily verifyable, if you'd prefer to look, instead
of rant.)

That may be true in the current repositories, but it would appear not to have always been true.


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