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Re: Promoting i386 version over x86_64?

On 11/18/2009 09:22 PM, Ikem Krueger wrote:

>> That gives very little incentive to fetch the correct version.
> Why should a person bother with it, when a pc can do that?

Perhaps Kevin is advocating for a strategy that will reduce mirror
bandwidth?  Of course there are a heck of a lot of variables in the
preceding sentence.

>> > And I think that by now the vast majority of our userbase uses 64-bit-capable machines.
> I don't know. Maybe a poll would be good for that? :)

smolt would be good for that.  It doesn't answer the question of when to
switch over of if that's a good idea.

Where would a check for proper bittedness be fit in the boot process?
Kernel boot is too late, I think.  Grub?  ISOLINUX?

Some simple guidance on the download page would be helpful.

"Are you installing Fedora on the computer you're using now?" [YES]  [NO]
  YES -> is any sort of check even possible if the user is running
32-bit on 64-bit?
  NO -> offer guidance about date of manufacture, netbooks, re-visit the
page from LiveCD, and offer 32-bit as a "most compatible, I'm not sure"


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