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upgrade fedora's pyfribidi


a patch to fix bidi problem in reportlab did do shaping/joining for
Arabic despite that we are using fribidi2 (we call it fribidi)


from fribidi.org

There is a release of the fribidi2 modules available now, which is
fribidi-0.19.2.tar.gz ... The Fedora project simply upgraded to 0.19
series from 0.10 without any compatibility issues. Using this version
instead of 0.10 series is highly recommended.

but we are using an old pyfribidi

the developers of pyfribidi choose to call it pyfribidi2
despite that there is no API/ABI compatibility issues.

so I patched pyfribidi2 so that it's called pyfribidi

please use my pyfribidi.spec
and update the version of pyfribidi

Attachment: pyfribidi.spec
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