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Re: Review request...

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 10:48:13PM -0500, David Nalley wrote:
> The packaging guidelines, are honestly sooo voluminous, and also so
> scattered, that it's an interesting problem for new packagers, and the
> getting started as a packager documentation is the same way. Much of
> that could be improved (and at one time there was an effort going on
> towards that end.) but it will never become 'easy'. 
Putting a plug in, I want to find some ways to improve the organization of
the Guidelines at the Toronto FUDCon.  details here:


If you'd like to add something about what you see as failing in your
particular review and possible solutions, that would be great!  (Maybe we
need a glossary of terms.  Maybe we need to have an additional Link for
a koji scratch build and an explanation of what that is... brainstorm away!)

> In the end, don't
> hesitate to ask for help or say you don't know. Part of the process is
> learning how to become effectively lost. Failure, within Fedora is OK,
> and even encouraged, provided you correct it and learn from it.



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