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Re: Vote for the bug (was Re: Local users get to play root?)

> We've gotten enough feedback. We don't need 300 more people giving the same
> arguments over and over or empty +1s or votes. Please relax and let the
> developer handle it, followed by fesco.

I'm on Fedora largely for the security policy (best SELinux
implementation available, for example), but I can't be the only one
seriously considering a switch because of this. Not because the
mistake was made, but because I actually watched Fedora developers try
to defend it when the only response should have been an immediate fix
followed by revocation of all privileges of the package maintainer
until his permanent status could be decided.

The total turn around since the initial discovery will be three days
come tomorrow's FESCo meeting, plus whatever time it takes after that
to get a fix pushed out. That's completely unacceptable. I think an
emergency meeting would have been more than appropriate given the
situation and general reaction here.

In short: If it hasn't been handled yet, you apparently haven't had
nearly enough feedback.

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