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Re: abrt and bugzilla

On 11/20/2009 12:24 PM, Matthew Booth wrote:
Firstly, I'd like to say I think abrt is fantastic. Call what follows a
nit-pick. It's just a pretty in-your-face nit.

After installing F12, after a short while I got presented with a couple
of SELinux errors. This is nothing unusual in a new Fedora release, but
this time it asked me for my bugzilla login details and offered to
submit the bug automatically for me. Fantastic! The lazy person in me
who wants to do the right thing truly appreciates this. Turns out I
wasn't the first person report them, so it added me to the CC list.

There are, however, still 2 significant problems with this. Firstly it
needed a BZ login. I happen to have one, and I use it often enough that
I don't need a password reset every time. However, I'll bet I'm in the
minority of Fedora users[1]. To get useful bug reports from the unwashed
masses we need anonymous submission, or at least submission which
doesn't require any kind of account creation or authentication.

Secondly, I'm now being subjected to bugzilla spam every time anybody
else does the right thing. I have received 24 bugzilla spams in the last
12 hours telling me that other people have been added to the CC list.
This information is interesting to people who want to know how to
prioritise bugs, but it's not interesting to me, the submitter. I can
remove myself from the CC list, but the lazy person in me whispers it
might just be easier not to submit bugs.

If you've used Windows, you'll be familiar with the Windows send bug
report dialog. I've once seen it additionally give me useful
information. After submission it told me a fix was available and sent me
to a web page which told me where to get an updated third-party driver.
That's what I really want to know: can I fix it?

So, turning that into some feature requests:

1-4 are more RFEs for bugzilla, but I'll try to elaborate here and start some discussion:
1. Can Fedora enable anonymous/unauthenticated bug submission.

We're thinking about this, but it can be flood the BZ, so the solution might be, that anonymous reports won't go directly to BZ. We can ge some ideas from kerneloops.org.

2. Can abrt not add duplicate reports to the CC list.

Then the user won't get informed when the bug is closed, so if we manage to fix #4 this would go away also.

3. Can abrt/Fedora please ensure that original abrt reporters don't get
email either.
4. Can abrt/Fedora track abrt submitted BZs and report only when there's
a fix available.

Good idea, BZ doesn't have to inform you if someone CCed himself into the bug.

5. Can abrt give me a list of submitted BZs so I can browse them if I
want to?

This is in our TODO: ABRT should find possible duplicates and offer the reporter to browse them and manually mark them as a duplicate.

I suspect much of this would require infrastructure changes, so it would
extend beyond abrt. However, I think this is the last mile required to
get bug reports from absolutely everybody.

Thanks again,


[1] As is everybody on this list! I know you all have BZ accounts, and
know the passwords.

fn:Jiri Moskovcak
email;internet:jmoskovc redhat com

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