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Re: No fuse module in Koji builds?

On Wednesday 18 November 2009 11:25:15 am Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> A package I'm building has an (optional) test which does a local
> non-root fuse mount in order to run some tests.  In Koji this gives
> the error:
>   fuse: device not found, try 'modprobe fuse' first
> So I have a couple of questions about this:
> I think in RHEL 5.4 the fuse module was added to the kernel -- are the
> Koji builders now based on the RHEL 5.4 kernel?
> If they are or will be, will local non-root fuse mounts be permitted
> during builds?  As far as I'm aware there are no security issues with
> doing this, although possibly there may be unexpected interactions
> with Koji/mock if a build doesn't properly umount fuse mountpoints.

The builders are running RHEL 5.4, doing any kind of mount is not permitted 
during the build. network access is not allowed also. You will likely have 
weird incompatability issues if we do allow it.  since the build hosts run 
EL-5 and the chroot could be something wildly different.  its not a tested or 
supported thing.  for one mock chroot only has a minimal /dev file system its 
not likely going to be something we will work on or allow, the same as calling 
rpm in the chroot is not allowed.


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