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Re: abrt and bugzilla

Am Freitag, den 20.11.2009, 11:24 +0000 schrieb Matthew Booth:
> To get useful bug reports from the unwashed 
> masses we need anonymous submission, or at least submission which 
> doesn't require any kind of account creation or authentication.

I disagree. As the maintainer, I need to be able to ask people for
details, clarification, feedback etc. This is impossible for anonymous
submissions and I doubt it will be possible with submissions that don't
require an kind of authentication.

> So, turning that into some feature requests:
> 1. Can Fedora enable anonymous/unauthenticated bug submission.

Please don't see above.

> 2. Can abrt not add duplicate reports to the CC list.

Per user setting in bugzilla. As a maintainer I'd like to be informed
about new people CC'ing to a bug because it gives me feedback how many
users are affected.

> 3. Can abrt/Fedora please ensure that original abrt reporters don't get 
> email either.

Makes sense to me.

> 4. Can abrt/Fedora track abrt submitted BZs and report only when there's 
> a fix available.

Why that? We will loose lots of useful input. Everybody will just sit
and wait for a fix instead of actively working on it by providing
details and feedback.

> 5. Can abrt give me a list of submitted BZs so I can browse them if I 
> want to?

Makes sense.

Two more features I'd like to see:
      * Don't subscribe people to bugs that are closed duplicate.
        Subscribe them to the original bug report. Filed as
      * Limit the number of reports for a particular crash or even
        ignore certain crashes. This would have helped us with the LXDE
        spin, where a crashed application was respawned by the the
        session manager and the permanent crashes made abrt using all
        CPU and filling up the live OS overlay with crash reports. Filed
        as https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=539551

Thanks for everybody who works on abrt. It's a great tool that surely
will improve the overall quality of the code.


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