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FYI: packageDB URL changes coming up

This is a heads up for people using the PackageDB in scripts.  The plan is
to have the 0.5.x PackageDB deployed in infrastructure no later than Fedora
13 Alpha (currently penciled in as 2010-02-09).  This release will include
major changes in the URL structure and a few removals of unused methods.
More major changes are planned for 0.6.x.  The best thing that you can do to
fix your code is to port it to use python-fedora.  If the methods you use
are not exposed in python-fedora, either submit your code as an additional
method to python-fedora or file a bug requesting the API be added[1]_.

python-fedora API will go through a visible deprecation cycle with warnings
being issued by the code itself when a method is going away.  We'll make
compatibility calls (which may be slower but will preserve the API) whenever
possible.  Neither of these are guaranteed to be available when targeting the
PackageDB URLs directly.

As the codebase stabilises, we'll get a test server running on
if people want to try out the new features.

.. _[1]: https://fedorahosted.org/python-fedora/
         Login with your FAS username and password.  Then click on file a
         new ticket.  Feel free to assign it to me (my fas name is "toshio")

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