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Re: [RFA] Your [PACKAGE_NAME] did not pass QA

Le lundi 23 novembre 2009 à 09:51 -0700, Jerry James a écrit :

> 1) I'm going to nag you forever about a problem you can't fix.

This is false, it can get fixed, either with code changes or by dropping
the offending package

> 2) There is no way to make me stop nagging you.

This is true

> I want a switch that says, "Yes, I know this application uses core
> fonts.  It isn't going to change.  Shut up, please."

This won't make the problem go away. You may not care about it, but as
long as I'll continue to find users pleas for help because of crappy
core font use whenever I enter "fedora fonts" in Google, I'll continue
to care.

Stop the Internet from filling with those and I'll stop the mails.

(see, I can be unreasonable too)

Nicolas Mailhot

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