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Re: example content

Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) wrote:

The example content is meant to serve several purposes:
- Make the desktop spin more useful, e.g. to ambassadors
- the 1-page release notes pdf that was debuted for F12

To be truely useful for ambassadords, we'd need a localized version :)

Which means we'll have to regenerate the ISO anyway with our own kickstart.

Anyway, that's a great idea, but what about computers that can't boot
on USB? We see a lot of them (most of them?) in release parties, will
an alternate image be composed that will fit on a CD (even if it's not
marketed any more as THE desktop spin) ?

For Sugar on a Stick, we've been using a hacked up image which could be burned to a CD and included not much more than the isolinux contents. When booting from the CD while having your USB key plugged in, it was still able to boot. But still: really hack-ish and probably not really recommendable (just sayin').

Oh, and Matthias, it's really a cool plan to move into this direction!

We've been following such a distribution model obviously for the (Fedora-based) Sugar on a Stick, too. Would be interesting to see and probably work together on issues that arise, if any. ;)



Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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