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livecds in the future

If release engineering would like to release liveusb.iso for people to use to install or just to look at the new features, that is fine But from the #fedora channel the # of people installing off of the livecd images are very high (if you want to search the logs i am sure they can be provided, and yes the # installing useing the livecd.iso on usb is high as well.)

the current livecd isos need to continue (yes i know the size sux, but not everyone has highspeed internet thats why they are downloading the livecd and not the dvd)

I say if you want to offer more choice, that is great, but do not shoot yourself in the foot yet, for f13 we can always try a liveusb image as well as the livecd iso if someone is willing to help release engineering make this happen so much the better for all of us

if the people wanting a localized spin step up and do and maintain one for your locale.

Ben Williams
Windows-Linux Specialist
460 McBryde Hall
Blacksburg VA 24061-0123
540 231-2739

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