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Re: [RFA] Your [PACKAGE_NAME] did not pass QA

Le lundi 23 novembre 2009 à 13:09 -0800, Toshio Kuratomi a écrit :

> As notting reminded me yesterday, we do not keep software out of Fedora
> solely because it is crap.  So, although it would be nice to port code that
> uses core fonts to use fontconfig, it could be counter productive to list
> them along with other problems discovered in font packages that we can and
> should fix at the packaging level.  You run the risk of getting the
> script/email that's making these updates ignored even when it's reporting
> genuine, fixable problems.

I'll do the same offer I made a few years ago. Any of those who package
bits that use core fonts step up to write packaging guidelines for core
fonts, to do the merge reviews on the associated packages, and generally
speaking to become the core fonts guy (or gal) in Fedora, can ask me to
whitelist all the core font packages he wants or even to shut down this
test completely.

If no one is ready to do that, and is happy to continue to have me do
this part because its "fonts" and by default "the fonts sig does fonts",
should be happy it costs him only a few annoying mails that state I
don't like it one bit.

Nicolas Mailhot

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