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Re: livecds in the future

The netinst.iso would involve less downloaded content than the 700M live
image.  How would it not fit their needs?

*IF* netinst.iso works the first time (no hardware failure, no user error,
no user misunderstanding, no power failure, no ISP failure, no phoneline failure,
no installer bug, no kernel bug, no X11 bug, ...), and *IF* the netinst.iso
is used only once (only one machine, user doesn't change his mind, ...),
then the 200MB netinst.iso (plus needed packages) does involve less downloading
than a 700MB LiveCD.

However, not so long ago my network connection was 150KB/s DSL, and I much
preferred to download an entire 700MB CD (1.5 hrs) before installation instead of
using netinst.iso.  By experience, waiting for the entire CD was faster on average.
Something would go wrong during the first install attempt, and I would have to
start over.  Or, I would install again on a different partition in order to
compare two setups.  Or, I would give the CD to a friend.  The 700MB CD was
a cache of time, and paid for itself after only *two* uses.


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