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Re: [RFA] Your [PACKAGE_NAME] did not pass QA

Le Mar 24 novembre 2009 16:00, Chris Adams a écrit :
> Once upon a time, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> said:
>> To repeat myself once again, core fonts are not free, they have a
>> maintenance
>> cost,
> What is the real maintenance cost?
> You have said that core fonts are not going away, so the maintenance
> cost will not go away.

The costs could go down to nothing if there was no core font user left in Fedora

> How is badgering other maintainers a good thing?

It is reducing the problem envelope.

> If you don't want to maintain something, then the normal way is to
> orphan it and let someone else take the job, not badger everybody else
> using the thing you don't want to maintain anymore.

Does not work that way. If it was a clear package dependency, I could orphan
the stuff, and all the people who complain at me now would be forced to take
themselves in charge and do the work needed by the stuff they use. Because of
the brain-damaged way core fonts were specified, the dependency is not
expressed in that way and I can not stop caring about core fonts without
stopping caring about other fonts (because as long as I have a fonts hat, and
no one has a core fonts one, people come to me by default and don't want to
hear about differences in font systems).

If you insist, I can ask formally FESCO if it thinks I do more harm than good.
It it thinks so, I'll do the logical thing, and go back to being just the
DejaVu maintainer, which was actually fun to do, and less time-wasting

Nicolas Mailhot

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