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Re: [RFA] Your [PACKAGE_NAME] did not pass QA

Le Mar 24 novembre 2009 17:01, Chris Adams a écrit :

> That's not an answer.  What is the real maintenance cost?

I already explained yesterday : there are rotting Fedora Core packages to
merge review, packaging guidelines to write to define how they are supposed to
be cleaned up, a huge pile of existing fonts to re-check for licensing, a huge
pile of fonts to re-check for technical soundness (ie a lot of fonts for that
area are not encoded properly or declare bad names, should it continue to be
hidden via manual fonts.dir or should they be converted to something cleaner,
it we continue to go the manual fonts.dir way someone needs to review existing
files) etc.

We still had crashes this year due to problems in some fonts.dir.

When i18n asked what was the exact need for bitmap-fonts no one answered.
There is a need of someone that can answer other Fedora groups when such
questions are asked.

etc, etc

Nicolas Mailhot

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