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Hide the kittens and the babies, a message from your friendly KDE-SIG

For those brave souls still running or trying to run rawhide just wanted to 
let you know that KDE is broken. As we speak most Qt based apps will just 
crash with a message about a missing symbol.   To top that we are also 
preparing for KDE 4.4 beta 1; so don't expect a quick resolution, in fact 
things will get worse before they get better.  Look on the bright side, F12 is 
rock solid, and with your patience F13 will be even better.

We are shooting to have everything fixed by Monday the 30th, so please bear 
with us as we work to bring you another great KDE release.

 Steven M. Parrish
 gpg fingerprint: 4B6C 8357 059E B7ED 8095 0FD6 1F4B EDA0 A9A6 13C0
 irc.freenode.net: SMParrish @ #fedora-kde, #fedora-olpc, #sugar, #fedora-

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