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Re: [RFA] Your [PACKAGE_NAME] did not pass QA

Le mardi 24 novembre 2009 à 10:44 -0600, Chris Adams a écrit :
> Once upon a time, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> said:
> > Le Mar 24 novembre 2009 17:01, Chris Adams a écrit :
> > > That's not an answer.  What is the real maintenance cost?
> > 
> > I already explained yesterday : there are rotting Fedora Core packages to
> > merge review, packaging guidelines to write to define how they are supposed to
> > be cleaned up, a huge pile of existing fonts to re-check for licensing, a huge
> > pile of fonts to re-check for technical soundness (ie a lot of fonts for that
> > area are not encoded properly or declare bad names, should it continue to be
> > hidden via manual fonts.dir or should they be converted to something cleaner,
> > it we continue to go the manual fonts.dir way someone needs to review existing
> > files) etc.
> And how much of this is still going to be done no matter what, since
> core font support is not going to be dropped?

You confuse core font support (=xorg code) and core fonts (= rotting
font files that no one wants to maintain, and the associated fonts.dir
indexes that break regularly)

To keep core fonts support available anything but the built-in fonts
(not the full historic xorg font suite, just the single fallback font
built in xorg) can be dropped.

Of course the packagers of the apps that use this stuff are going to
howl, since it will reduce what their apps can do, but none of them have
shown the slightest interest in contributing to the maintenance of the
stuff they use so far (to keep things interesting a lot of said apps
request fonts without checking they are actually available, and will
crash if those fonts are not present. But that's not a core fonts
support problem, that's a coding problem in those apps. They can be
broken without technically removing core fonts support from Fedora).

In fact one conclusion of this thread is that core fonts users are
emphatically not interested in contributing to the stuff they use, and
that it's better to remove the most rotten parts from Fedora, instead of
keeping it, and continuing to wait for them to fix it.

Like I said, this can be done without removing the xorg code Fedora is
commited to maintain to keep X11 protocol compatibility.

Nicolas Mailhot

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