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Re: abrt + X Error => zillions of duplicate bug reports?

Dne 24.11.2009 22:37, Adam Williamson napsal(a):
We came up with several possible courses of action. First, we
acknowledge that abrt team is working on improving duplicate detection,
but Matej noted that this is intrinsically hard work and abrt will
likely never be able to eliminate or even come close to eliminating
duplicate reporting.

What's the technical limitation to coming close here?  It seems likely
that there will be some edge cases, but I would think that the majority
of cases aren't all that exceptional, and are fundamentally straightforward
to work out.

Don't ask me, I am just a humble bug triager (putting abrt developer on CC of this message). What I can say is that even though I can see abrt devs work hard to eliminate duplicates, they don't succeed much. Apparently eliminating duplicates of bugs from beasts like Firefox or OpenOffice is excessively hard.


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