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Re: livecds in the future

On 11/24/2009 01:38 PM, Peter Jones wrote:
On 11/24/2009 04:25 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:

Mandriva Flash - Mandriva's commercial system-on-a-USB-stick thingy -
does exactly what you confidently proclaim to be impossible. It comes
with a CD ISO you can burn onto a CD (or mini-CD) that allows you to
'chain-boot' the Flash on systems with crappy BIOSes that can't boot
from a USB stick (yes, they exist, but are getting progressively rarer,

I don't suppose you can easily fish out a url for the source to this?  I'd like
to see what they're actually doing.

I've done it using Fedora 12, on an old Dell i686 laptop whose BIOS
cannot boot USB.  A typical GRUB stanza has a line such as:
  kernel /vmlinuz ro root=live:label='Feodra 12 i386 DVD' rootfstype=auto ...
where /vmlinuz is the kernel on the CD, and root=live:label='...'
designates the label of the device for the root (and init, and ...),
which can be USB, DVD, another CD, any block device that the Linux kernel
/vmlinuz can enumerate and understand.


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