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Re: Fedora 12 Extremely Unstable

Am 2009-11-25 03:08, schrieb brad longo:
I just installed Fedora 12, to replace Fedora 11, and I have some bugs
but I'm not sure where to file them. Please help me get these into
bugzilla as they are urgent.

   1. Fedora 12 crashes frequently and makes it almost unusable for me.
      It seems to crash whenever I try to edit/change sound preferences.
      When I do this I get logged out and then have to log back in. I
      can repeat this at any time by going to go System->Preferences->Sound.

Run the gui program from the console if you can and see any errors.

   2. Editing preferences for certain programs causes me to be logged
      out but this is random and I haven't found a way to repeat it.

Which certain programs?

   3. Changes to keyboard shortcuts are not saved. I tried mapping Alt+T
      as the shortcut for the terminal and it does not work.


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