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Re: Fedora 12 Extremely Unstable

Brad Longo wrote:
> I reinstalled Fedora, and also checked the cd I installed from to see if
> that would fix the problem.  I believe the issues I had previously may
> have been caused by putting /home on its own lvm, which I did not do
> when I reinstalled.  I wanted to do this so I could install future
> releases without having to erase the home folder.  Unfortunately, I
> don't have the time continue to reinstall Fedora over and over to
> confirm that putting /home on its own lvm is the source of the issue,
> but maybe someone else can replicate this?

I'd be awfully surprised if this were the root cause.

The suggestion to run the failing application from a console, and look
for errors on the console and the X log, sounds like the best plan of
attack to me.

> Before reinstalling, the programs that crashed when I tried to edit
> their preferences were all of the ones I tried: Thunderbird, Empathy,
> and Mozilla.  The automatic bug reporting tool crashed the system when
> trying to report some of the bugs too.
> The system was fully update when I was experiencing the crashes.
> Reinstalling solved all of my problems except one.  Keyboard shortcuts
> are still not saved.  However, this issue is trivial compared to the
> frequent crashes I was experiencing before.

oh, ok.  Hm, odd.


> Brad.

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