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Re: crazy Xrandr/XOrg automatic display configuration.

Please pardon my answering everyone in one email.

To Adam:  I have not used my BIOS.  The Intel 965 card on my Toshiba
laptop has no BIOS options.  I can't even change the default scaling
from full-panel to off.  It's really sad.

The OS has to do everything in this laptop, since the BIOS doesn't
have an option.  The Windows drivers had a tool that let me set
"panel-only", but it only worked after I booted into Windows.  Linux
has no such driver-management tool as far as I know.

To Jeff:  Thank you for replying.  I tried going through my
monitors.xml file, and there is not a single
<clone>yes</clone> line.  Every config (including for the
800x600 projector) sets clone to no.

I tried the projector multiple times in multiple boots last night, so
I don't think this was a monitors.xml, specifically after using
extended mode and rebooting my laptop, and I still got clone mode.

To Matthias:  thanks for the tip, but I don't have a monitors.xml.backup file.

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