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Re: JBoss in Fedora

Le Jeu 26 novembre 2009 01:21, Ricardo Argüello a écrit :
> Is there anybody interested in helping port JPackage's JBoss to Fedora 13:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JBoss
> I understand there is an ongoing work to include JBoss AS 5.1 in JPackage.org.
> Where can we get this SRPMS to begin porting?

The bits constituting JBoss are landing one after another in the jpackage cvs.
You can go there to check them. It is no easy integration work because JBoss
upstream insists on using old versions of several components, when other java
apps already depend on newer ones, and because java dependency handling is in
the stone age. When this is finished Jpackage-side, I'm sure many people will
be interested in importing the result in Fedora.

(however if it's done again in fork-and-forget mode with incompatibilities
gratuituously introduced Fedora-side and the Fedora maintainer completely
absent when users start complaining at the jpp packager that did most of the
work Fedora benefited from, I'm sure it won't improve the relationship between
the projects)

Nicolas Mailhot

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