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Re: Fedora 12 Graphics Issues: Cancel F13 and concentrate on fixing F12 ?

2009/11/26 Terry Barnaby <terry1 beam ltd uk>:
> Ok, controversial title.
> I have just tried to test install F12 on some of my systems, (5 different
> ones).
> All of these bar 1 has problems with the graphics (X11 lockups, system
> lockups
> and other problems) mainly in 3D but also in 2D.
> I still am using F8 on most of my systems as the Graphics systems have not
> been stable enough for 3D in Fedora since around those times.

which cards exactly did you try? which drivers do you use... and what
are the bugzilla bug numbers?

> As an idea, at this stage, how about canceling the F13 release and just
> fixing and updating the F12 release ? This will concentrate developers and
> users into one system release. Similar to the pre-release test days we could
> have
> post-release test days. For example a Graphics test day for F12 where
> a certain set of tests with a test suite and a set of well known
> applications
> could be run. As F12 would be out longer, more people could participate in
> this.

i dont see the point because that will definitely lead to new
regressions in f12 and annoy other people. interested partys can at
any time of the development cycle test the current state of
development (aka rawhide) and report and fix bugs in it.

my personal experience is:

intel (i965) works fine... there are some problems with shaders i have
to investigate and there is a problem with interlaced resolutions.
even displayport output works (hooked up to a fullhd tv via
displayport -> hdmi adapter)

radeon 4650 works fine... even 3d works to some extent with the
experimental dri drivers.... testing a new mesa build from koji even
fixed various issues with 3d games i had left... also some
effects/shaders seem to be not properly implemented yet... but hey...
it is experimental)

nvidia: nouveau kernel mode setting works and 2d experience is alot
better already.

2d works in all setups i have personally tested. 3d still requires
some progress but i dont see how it helps to stay on one release to
get them resolved.

kind regards,
Rudolf Kastl

> If a commitment, all round, to producing updates fixing the issues in F12
> were made, I think more people would be willing to participate as users
> could
> expect to see a stable system for their efforts.
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