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Re: Fedora 12 Graphics Issues: Cancel F13 and concentrate on fixing F12 ?

Linuxguy123 wrote:
> I have 4 bugs entered into bugzilla related to display problems and none
> of them get any attention.  I even posted a warning to the group about
> this matter. (See November 16, "Warning about possible display issues
> with F12 upgrade".)
If these are the ones you linked to earlier, from Rahul's reply, they're 
waiting on you for these. Haven't checked myself, so maybe the status has 
changed or these aren't your bugs.

> For KDE users, this situation has been building for a while.  Back in F9
> the Folderview widget didn't work correctly with some nvidia cards,
> supposedly because of issues in the proprietary nvidia driver.   The
> developer's response to this: tough luck for using a proprietary driver.
> Now that the open source nvidia driver is out they say to use it.  The
> problem with nouveau is that it has just as many or more problems than
> the proprietary driver, albeit in different areas.
Nouveau is the nicest driver I've used when it comes to stability. The only 
places I've encountered issues are with 3d because it's not supported fully 
so that's more of a missing feature than a bug and coming back from sleep 
with some artifacts that disappear when the screen is unlocked. The blob 
driver gets many more issues than nouveau and I can't imagine going back on 
any install I use day to day.

> I am not buying that all of the display problems are caused by the
> proprietary driver.  And if they are, why do these bugs get closed ?
> They should be forwarded to nvidia for work.  
A lot are. And *you* should forward them. All we can do is say "there's a 
problem with your driver that X had, go talk to this guy for details". Since 
I don't run the driver, I can't even attempt to reproduce any issues that you 
have other than "well, works with nouveau". We'd be wasting time shuttling 
messages back and forth.

> Aside: I know, the bug reporter should forward them to nvidia.  But then
> why even report a bug to the Redhat bugzilla ?  EVERYTHING is upstream
> to them !
Well, we can at least track it and know when it's fixed to get any related 
fixes included sooner. Also, we can see if it's truly our problem or not.

> And the problem with reporting the bug (non proprietary
> nvidia) upstream is that they say that we aren't running the general
> release of the component, we are running the Fedora version and thus
> Fedora should fix it. 
If they give us some source code to work on, we could. As it stands, we can't 
do *anything* if it doesn't work with their driver and it works with others. 
As for forwarding bugs upstream, you know what went wrong better than we do. 
makes no sense for us to play a middleman in communication.

> I am VERY frustrated with the state of the display components right now.
> I am quite frustrated with how display component bugs are handled by the
> Fedora developers.   I think some things need to change. 
For nvidia stuff, what are we to do? I don't (as do many other developers) 
know much about X and the driver inner workings and if I do get started with 
it, poking the black box that nvidia ships is surely the last thing I ever 
want to do with it.


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