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Looking for testers: RPM 4.8 pre-release snapshots available

It's that time of year again... we're planning on getting a brand new RPM version into Fedora 13. While the feature submission is being processed and public beta being prepared, we'd like to get some extra testing of the new RPM to catch out any remaining wrinkles our own testing hasn't caught.

So this is a call for brave testers who eat rawhide for breakfast, to try out pre-release snapshot(s) of the oncoming RPM release. This is not supposed to eat your system alive or anything - I've used snapshots from rpm.org HEAD on my systems througout the development process without problems but you never know... so proceed with appropriate caution.

For an idea what to expect, see the draft release notes at

You can find Fedora compatible "snapshots of the day" source rpms from http://laiskiainen.org/rpm/srpms/ (use the latest you can find). These should be buildable on and compatible with F11, 12 and rawhide.

Please report any oddities found, preferably to rpm.org Trac
at http://rpm.org/newticket but mail will do too.

	- Panu -

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