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Re: Fedora 12 Graphics Issues: Cancel F13 and concentrate on fixing F12 ?

On 2009/11/28 02:53 (GMT+0530) Rahul Sundaram composed:

> On 11/28/2009 02:21 AM, Felix Miata wrote:
>> What makes your statement invalid is your use of the word "essential". Bling
>> and essential are mutually exclusive characteristics WRT to normal desktop
>> users. I didn't use the word "useless". And yes, 3D is way more - way more
>> overhead, way more imposition on older hardware. 3D cannot be essential to
>> users of older hardware, since it turns their hardware into unresponsive mush.

> 3D is not just for games and bling.

No kidding! Note keywords above.

> People who work on CAD/CAM, 3D
> rendering software etc would definitely find it essential.

Somehow those niche users managed 10-20 years ago before there was such a
thing as 3D support in XFree86/Xorg.
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