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Need help with building cryptopp in rawhide

Hi all,

I am trying to build cryptopp in rawhide.
cryptopp builds fine in in F11 and F12:


But in rawhide cryptopp code is broken (at least cryptest program).
cryptest runs in %check section and it hangs up in i686 build and crashes in 
x86_64  http://nucleo.fedorapeople.org/test-crash.txt


I hoped that last svn snapshot 479 will be built without crash but it crashes.
How can I build cryptopp in rawhide?

See also this bug:
and this discussion in Crypto++ users mailing list

Also 479 snapshot contains public domain implementation of MARS code by Wei 
Dai. So I have decided to not remove it from cryptopp package. Is this 
decision right?

Alexey Kurov <nucleo fedoraproject org>

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