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Re: livecds in the future

Trying to respond to several points that were raised in this thread...

1. If live cds are as indispensable as you claim they are, it will be
relatively straightforward to produce them for F13 simply by omitting
the big items that will push us over the cd size limit, ie OpenOffice,
example content, and whatever else we decide to fill the new space with.

But the bigger image will be the one that we try to make as good as
possible, and the CD-sized offspring will be a cut down version with

2. More download choices are not a part of the solution, but a part of
the problem... We already have the problem that people are choosing to
download the DVD just because DVD > CD; but unlike the spins, the DVD is
not a designed product at all.

If we need to make a cd-sized alternative available, it should be marked
clearly as a secondary option on the download page, e.g. hidden behind a
'Can't boot USB ?' question...

3. 'Chain-booting' from cd to usb sounds like an elegant way to avoid
the 'Can't boot USB' problem. Did we figure out how Mandriva are doing
it ?


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