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Re: livecds in the future

On 11/30/2009 12:27 PM, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> 3. 'Chain-booting' from cd to usb sounds like an elegant way to avoid
> the 'Can't boot USB' problem. Did we figure out how Mandriva are doing
> it ?

No, we didn't. There are some things we might be able to do here, though,
which may solve this problem without actually "chain-booting". The most
obvious is to make sure the live image's initrd searches for a USB device
with the right filesystem label (and possibly other criteria) and mounts
that as root, and then build a liveboot.iso with one boot image and no[1]
real filesystem. The boot image would contain the kernel and initrd as
the only boot option.

This is fairly trivial to do, actually.

[1] It'd have to have an iso9660 filesystem with the isolinux/ directory
much like our current boot.iso does, but the kernel and initrd there would
be the ones from the live image, and we wouldn't put the rest of the live
OS on the disc.


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