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Fedora Release Engineering meeting summary for 2009-11-30


Minutes (text):


Meeting summary
* Roll Call  (Oxf13, 18:00:55)

* Fedora 13 Schedule  (Oxf13, 18:03:24)

    (poelcat, 18:12:40)
  * oxf13 has forwarded John's mail to mirror-list for discussion
    (Oxf13, 18:29:22)
  * LINK:

    (poelcat, 18:53:02)
  * IDEA: Extend development time by 2 weeks in order to push our
    schedule 2 weeks later and avoid Ubuntu release conflicts for both
    our release and our staging.  (Oxf13, 18:53:34)
  * AGREED: schedule will be moved 2 weeks later by adding 2 weeks to
    development time in order to clear conflicts with ubuntu release.
    (Oxf13, 19:06:51)

* LXDE respin  (Oxf13, 19:07:00)
  * New information regarding LXDE update, seems only a .ks change is
    required to fix the original issue.  THe updated package is for a
    separate and non-fatal issue.  (Oxf13, 19:20:59)
  * IDEA: Given new information, I propose the FESCo ticket gets updated
    and another vote happens at the FESCo level as to ship just the .ks
    change or include the questionable security update.  (Oxf13,
  * AGREED: LXDE respin decision kicked back up to FESCo in light of new
    information.  (Oxf13, 19:29:12)

* Updates  (Oxf13, 19:29:18)

* open floor  (Oxf13, 19:40:29)

Meeting ended at 19:45:31 UTC.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating

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