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Re: Feature request: Adding device ID to kernel option driver

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 10:21 AM, Dululu Ululu <dululu gmail com> wrote:
> Hi
> I've got a wireless CDMA modem that works perfectly using the option usb
> serial driver, but is not currently listed as one of the supported devices.
> I've been manually adding its ID to option.c and recompiling the driver
> since F8. This however means that each time I perform a kernel upgrade I
> lose internet connectivity until I've done this. It also means that
> yum-presto won't do a delta upgrade of the kernel since it's contents have
> changed, I have to download the full package (CDMA cell network, can get
> pretty expensive).
>  Do I get this added to the Fedora kernel first or should I send it
> upstream? Any pointers as to the procedures to follow (links to
> documentation detailing who to contact etc would be most appreciated).

Send the patch upstream.  You can read this for instructions on how to
send a patch




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