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Review request begs

So I know lots of people submit these sort of begs offering to do
reviews in return, but... I'm a wee bit way too tied up to do any
reviews in return right now, so I'm asking for reviewers to look at
these simply because they're awesome packages we want in the distro... :)

rinputd - A server for receiving input events over the network

Neat little daemon that listens for a network connection from something
such as the remotux app for iphone/ipod touch, and feeds received data
through the linux kernel input subsystem. Basically, remotux turns the
touchscreen into a trackpad, complete with tap-to-click, scrolling,
etc., and you can pop up the standard keyboard and use it for, well,
keyboard input.

libcrystalhd - Broadcom Crystal HD device interface library

I just got the driver for these cards merged into the linux kernel
staging tree a few days ago. Now we need the device interface library to
talk to the thing and add support to apps to use it. This is a hardware
h.264, mpeg2 and vc1 decoder board. That's right. 100% free and
open-source drivers and libs from Broadcom, and they give us a way to
decode digital video on Fedora w/o violating any codec patents, since
the decoding is done entirely in hardware (this is pretty similar to the
mpeg2 decoder on the Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350 in that respect).

Please and thank you, etc., etc.

Jarod Wilson
jarod redhat com

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