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Re: [Fedora-directory-devel] Re: autotools and summer of code

Ahmed H. EL Zein wrote:
Hello FDS developers,
I have been trying to install FDS on my Debian box and both the Debian&Ububtu howto and the dsbuild tool are proving quite a headache! I would have liked to do a ./configure, setting up prefixes to suit me but I understand that is not easy right now!

I found these links:

and I wanted to ask what is the status of the move to an autotools build system!
We're working on it.
did the the work done by Adrian Bunk find its way into the source tree?
No, not yet, we're working on it.
if not what was wrong with his method and what would be more suitable if someone wanted to have a go at it!
We will be integrating his changes into the code in the near future.

Ahmed El Zein

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