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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Calendar server

John Dennis wrote:

We are also keenly interested in a calendar server but I'll confess I'm
confused as to the relationship you envision between FDS and calendar
server based on caldav, could you explain?
Well, I originally said it was somewhat off topic, and I think I'm going even further off with this message :)

It's not that I see caldav creating any kind of relationship between FDS and Calendar. It's more along the lines that I want to deploy a FOSS messaging solution around FDS, based on open standards - something feature wise comparable to Exchange, but using non-proprietary protocols so that I can pick and choose clients (and everyone seems to want integrated mail and calendar groupware). That requires at least a directory server, email server, and calendar server, implementing SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, and something for calendar (caldav). The one piece that is missing in the FOSS world is a true enterprise Calendar server (other than web cals...).

The Sun/Netscape calendar server is actually a pretty decent calendar server, but it doesn't support any protocols that there are native clients for. There are some that support webdav, and caldav is close enough to webdav that there seems to be interest extending that support to caldav, which is why the Sun/Netscape cal server with caldav would probably be the best option. (I know Red Hat got the Netscape Calendar server along with the Directory server, but the focus is on building a community around Directory, while Sun is supposedly opening the calendar (and the rest of JES) "very soon now", which is something Red Hat hasn't done to this point).

A lot of why calendar is missing from this puzzle is a lack of standards for talking to a calendar server (i.e. it's more than just calendar events - it's finding free busy times, discovery of resources/other cal users, etc). Caldav is the closest thing to a "standard" for this (though I think even caldav is still evolving at this point). Plus, there actually seems to be interest in developing clients to the caldav protocol (Mozilla Sunbird, Evolution, etc) - this is about as close as I've seen in the calendar world to the equivalent of POP or IMAP in the email world. So, it's important that an enterprise calendar solution support caldav or something like it, with native clients that support it (the Sun Outlook plugin is not the right direction - it's still using a proprietary protocol, limiting you wrt native clients - not to mention that it's frustratingly buggy).

That said, it would be nice to see:
- FDS as the directory server (I could go with Sun DS, but FDS seems to have a much better community and is improving more/faster than Sun DS). - Mail server (take your pick - there are a bunch that can integrate against LDAP). - (Some offshoot of?) Sun Calendar server + caldav, hopefully resulting in lots of Cal clients, like we have lots of POP/IMAP clients to choose from.
- (Jabber/XMPP, if you want to add IM)

My (somewhat tenuous) linking of this to the topic of FDS is that hopefully we can break out Calendar, that someone will add caldav, and we can talk about integrating that against FDS :)

- Jeff

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