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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Windows Sync without Domain Admin?

Nicholas Byrne wrote:
Hi all,

Is it possible to do a syncronisation of a windows peer without the windows user who i use to bind being a domain admin? I have a read only user with which i can run ldapsearch and find all users data in the AD directory but using the same user to sync with fails. The replication status says "total update completed" but i see no updates to the my FDS directory.

If i modify this user in AD to be a domain admin it works correctly, but what i want to know is why can't i use a read-only user to sync? Is there any way around this?
Because in order for sync to work, Fedora DS must be able to modify the AD data, to send updates to AD. Windows Sync is bi-directional, and cannot be changed to uni-directional (at least, not without a lot of hacking).

You do not have to use the Domain Admin user. You can create another user which has the ability to read-write the AD data.


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