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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Fedora Directory Server as OS authentication

On Monday 18 December 2006 18:20, SigurĂ°ur Bjarnason wrote:
> Hi all

> I have been testing the Fedora Directory server as central authentication
> for Redhat server environment, it works ok with the authentication but I
> need to know if there is any other way of managing users centrally and then
> with tool that can also manage access rights to the clients as well.
> Or is there maybe a simple way of using FDS in co-op with access rights
> program like SUDO ..or other ?.. or is using FDS not the recommended way to
> go here ?

You can control sudo rights from FDS, you just need sudo schema, sudo entries 
to the FDS and sudo that supports LDAP for rule storage.

I took sudo from Fedora Core 4, enabled the LDAP support and re-compiled, it 
works fine. My sudo is sudo-1.6.8p8-2.4.i686.rpm.

My servers are RHEL4ES.

Best Regards
Kimmo Koivisto

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