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[Fedora-directory-users] Simple Paged Results Control Support in Future?

Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 09:30:59 -0700
From: David Boreham
Subject: Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Simple Paged Results Control
        Support in      Future?
To: "General discussion list for the Fedora Directory server project."
        <fedora-directory-users redhat com >

Phil Lembo wrote:

> Any chance we'll get to see support for Simple Paged Results Control
> in a future version of Fedora Directory?

It wouldn't be hard to implement because the existing VLV code could be
mostly re-used.

Are you looking to support an application that already uses simple paged
results ?
Or is there something you're looking for that VLV doesn't do ?

Just like to be able to use the same techniques for paging through different directories. Today I've got to maintain 2 different methods in any scripts that query both FDS and AD -- I know, I know, I should have modularized them long ago... Anyway, OpenLDAP and a couple of other proprietary directories also support SPRC, so the only one I've still got to shift over to VLV for is FDS (and it's proprietary cousins).

Phil Lembo

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