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[Fedora-directory-users] Kerberos/Samba/LDAP? Was: FDS - using one password for Samba and Linux accounts

I have a brand-new Samba 3.x domain working with LDAP/FDS backend; this is just for my small (university) department of ~350 users. The university operates an overarching Kerberos realm. My best possible case would be to use that Kerberos realm for authentication/password but continue to maintain department LDAP for actual user/group authorization/rights. If I can get everything to use people's existing university password, that would be very sweet; failing that, I have to give out about 300 passwords in the next month :(

I see the FDS Kerberos Howto, and it seems to make Kerberos integration pretty simple, but what is not clear to me is whether it is possible to pass this Kerberos authentication through to Samba clients. The few references I see to Samba-Kerberos integration modify the smb.conf with direct references to kerberos realm and keytab that would seem to result in:

    Samba ----> Kerberos
    _____ <---- ________

where what I think I want is more like:

    Samba ----> LDAP ----> Kerberos
    _____ <---- ____ <---- ________

(sorry for the awful ASCII!) where I retain "passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://x.x.x.x"; as the user/group store, but where LDAP refers to Kerberos for authn/passwd.

I was going to pose this question to the Samba users list, but I thought there might be more value to ask first whether anyone has worked on this in a FDS context. Not to say anything bad about other LDAP servers, but I can sometimes find it hard to map integration discussions that use OpenLDAP examples to my situation. So, anyone on the list running a completely integrated Samba/FDS/Kerberos setup that references an overarching Kerberos realm?



Richard Megginson wrote:
Saravana Kumar wrote:
Hi List,

I have FDS configured in the server. There are windows and Linux client in
our network. Windows users also have Linux.
Linux clients are authenticating to fds. Samba server is running in a
different server and refers to the fds server(ldapbackend). For windows i had to create a separate password with smbpasswd -a username for each user which means samba password can be different from Linux password. Also the
password policy doesn't apply to the smbpasswd i create.

Is there a way to use one password for both windows and linux logins?
No.  This has been on our wishlist for some time now.

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