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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Re: Kerberos/Samba/LDAP? Was: FDS - using one password for Samba


Howard Chu wrote:
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 10:01:42 -0800
From: Jim Hogan <jimh u washington edu> I have a brand-new Samba 3.x domain working with LDAP/FDS backend; this is just for my small (university) department of ~350 users. The university operates an overarching Kerberos realm. My best possible case would be to use that Kerberos realm for authentication/password but continue to maintain department LDAP for actual user/group authorization/rights. If I can get everything to use people's existing university password, that would be very sweet; failing that, I have to give out about 300 passwords in the next month :(

I see the FDS Kerberos Howto, and it seems to make Kerberos integration pretty simple, but what is not clear to me is whether it is possible to pass this Kerberos authentication through to Samba clients. The few references I see to Samba-Kerberos integration modify the smb.conf with direct references to kerberos realm and keytab that would seem to result in:
     Samba ----> Kerberos
     _____ <---- ________
where what I think I want is more like:
     Samba ----> LDAP ----> Kerberos
     _____ <---- ____ <---- ________
(sorry for the awful ASCII!) where I retain "passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://x.x.x.x"; as the user/group store, but where LDAP refers to Kerberos for authn/passwd. I was going to pose this question to the Samba users list, but I thought there might be more value to ask first whether anyone has worked on this in a FDS context. Not to say anything bad about other LDAP servers, but I can sometimes find it hard to map integration discussions that use OpenLDAP examples to my situation. So, anyone on the list running a completely integrated Samba/FDS/Kerberos setup that references an overarching Kerberos realm?

You're confusing some of these steps.
That happens on a regular basis :( To say that I understand Kerberos poorly would be charitable.

First of all, the direct Samba -> Kerberos route is only talking about a very special case - an SMB client with its own TGT, getting a service ticket from Kerberos for talking to Samba. In this case, Samba uses Kerberos as the actual client authentication mechanism. And as noted here: http://www.mail-archive.com/samba lists samba org/msg80208.html this only works in Samba3 when Samba is talking to a real ActiveDirectory server.
Yes. While my little diagram might still hold some water from a "desired effect" basis, the more I looked at it, the more it seemed obvious that there would need to be a client TGT, not some imagined LDAP pass-through.

When Samba is configured to talk directly to LDAP, it only uses it as a data store, not as an authentication mechanism. In that case, it is expecting to find sambaNTPassword or sambaLMPassword attributes in the LDAP store, so that it can validate the authentication itself. As such, your Samba -> LDAP -> Kerberos picture doesn't apply.

Currently the only way to have all of these things integrated in one place is to use the OpenLDAP server with smbk5pwd module, with Heimdal KDC using OpenLDAP as its data store, and Samba using OpenLDAP as its data store. I've contributed code to the Fedora project to assist them along these same lines but it's still missing secure ldapi:// support and a few other things, so AFAIK OpenLDAP is the only solution at the moment.
Thanks for your contributions on all fronts. I debated OpenLDAP vs. FDS for some time, and wound up deploying FDS in part due to admin tools and some built-in self-service functionality.

The only way you could set things up so that authentication works as you want is if the clients send plaintext passwords over the wire. That's obviously a bad idea to begin with, and for recent clients (W2K etc) it's not even an option.

If your existing Kerberos KDC is not Heimdal, and you don't have the option of migrating to Heimdal, then I think you're out of luck.
The gent who can answer that question is on vacation, but I bet I am out of luck :)

I know that there's preliminary support for LDAP in recent MIT releases, but my experience with MIT Kerberos has been pretty unsatisfactory over the years. They only recently took steps to make their library thread-safe, and their library performance is still several times slower than Heimdal's, making it unsuitable for busy sites. Even if you decided to switch to using Heimdal integrated with LDAP, you still need the NTLM keys, which you cannot derive from the Kerberos keys, so I think you're looking at regenerating your ~300 passwords regardless.
Some of the necessary steps here seem to imply a degree of control (NTLM Keys) over Kerberos infrastructure which I will never have. Whatever I do WRT our university Kerberos, it will have to be as a basic, unprivileged client. I don't know enough to contemplate whether ruuning our own Kerberos service of some type would be of any use.

Of course, there's always the brute force approach of running a password cracker on the KDC database to try to guess the original plaintext. It's a self-defeating activity but I've been cajoled into doing it in the past. (It takes a long time, you may not successfully crack all the accounts, and succeeding only means that your users have poorly chosen passwords that they ought to change anyway.)

I don't think any brute force is in my future ('tho you just reminded me to try to figure out why my smb.conf minimum password length isn't working!!)

Thanks very much for this exhaustive reply. Being restless during this break week I posted a similar question to Samba list, but perhaps I can reference your response there to forestall any other time-consuming effort to reply.....


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