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[Fedora-directory-users] New install with Admin Server issues

Hey all,

I'm having some troubles with the Admin Server (web). First, some details:

* This is my first experience with FDS
* I'm running Debian and followed the install instructions here:
* I created/installed the debian package from fedora- ds-1.0.4-1.RHEL3.i386.opt.rpm
* I can run the java console application, login, create entries, etc.
* I'm a python coder, not a java one, so I have no idea about the java stuff.

Here are the issues I am seeing:
1) clicking on the "help" buttons on the java console results in a download dialog with the following message:
     The file "help" is of type application/octect-stream...
2) Clicking the "Restart" button (admin tasks) on the java console results in a 404 3) Attempting to visit the url http://myhost:62332/ results in a download dialog 4) If I download the file, open it and read it, it's a binary file. The file begins with the following: ELF,Ü484  (44Ä4ć‡ÅÅ ÄÄËËêê D  ê ê»»((Å(Å  QÂtd/lib/ld-linux.so. 2GNU
   And then later in the file, there is this:
     Error: %s
NETSITE_ROOT%s%cdsgwNETSITE_ROOT not found%s%cdist%c% suxmccntmccwinmcc%s:%sHTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE,r, Content-type: text/html <download_menu_block><dsgw_menu_block></download_menu_block></ dsgw_menu_block><download_menu_options><option value='%s'>%s start-console.html not foundenUnable to open NETSITE_ROOT/ dist..%cjava%chtml%c%c%c%cstart-console.html..%cjava%chtml% cstart-console.html‡ê ÙÑ
5) I saw the following rewrite rule in /opt/fedora-ds/admin-serv/ config/admserv.conf:
     RewriteRule ^/$ /dist/download [R,L,QSA]
I commented it out, restarted the server, and now I get a 403 (Forbidden) when I access http://myhost:62332/ 6) I set the admin server's log level to debug, and I started seeing these messages: [Sun Dec 31 03:00:57 2006] [debug] mod_admserv.c(1759): [client] admserv_check_authz: uri [tasks/operation/StatusPing] did not begin with [commands/] - not a command [Sun Dec 31 03:00:57 2006] [debug] mod_admserv.c(1808): [client] admserv_check_authz: execute CGI [/opt/fedora-ds/bin/ admin/admin/bin/statusping] args [(null)]

That's all I can think of for now. Does anyone have any clue as to what could be going on? Is this a java app server dealie? I tried searching through the docs and the FDS pages for anything that might clue me in, and came up empty-handed...

Other than this, though, it looks like a killer LDAP server. Looking forward to getting this rolled out here, and providing folks with the web admin link to manage their info...



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