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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] migration linux users, groups, hosts to fedora directory

Steve Strong wrote:
that makes sense, but I've tried to do that and haven't been successful. When the script asks me for the DN to store the users it suggests:

what should I enter instead?
Whatever your base suffix is e.g. ou=People,dc=crwash, dc=org

mj sci fi wrote:
good suggestions, but i'm still having trouble:

the logs reported errors adding users because of "no such object"

so, i removed fedora directory and re-installed it, ran the setup script and then tried using LdapImport.pl to migrate the users. All of the users, including all of their information was added (linux uid, gid and md5 hashed password, etc.), but they are in the UserPreferences ou in NetscapeRoot

The netscapeRoot database is for server internal data, not for end-user data. You want to have all end-user data in the userRoot database.


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