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[Fedora-directory-users] Limiting Directory Manager (nsslapd-rootdn) by source host (e.g.


The Direcroty Manager account (the one whose DN is specified in dse.ldif as nsslapd-rootdn) is a dangerously privileged account.

Access control does not apply to this user and compromising its DN and password gives full control over the directory server.

Therefore, it would be desirable to limit this user's bind access based on some additional criteria, in addition to the knowledge of the password.

Limits based on the source host (e.g. localhost) and time of day (e.g. only work hours) would be very useful.

Is there a way to limit Directory Manager binds based on those criteria in Fedora Directory Server?

Note that in OpenLDAP this is possible using the following ACL:

access to dn.base="cn=Manager,o=Example"
 by peername.regex=127\.0\.0\.1 auth
 by users none
 by anonymous none

This ACL however requires creating a concrete LDAP entry that corresponds to rootdn, setting a userPassword in taht entry, and leaving the rootpw in OpenLDAP configuration undefined. This way the concrete userPassword is used when binding and is subject to that ACL which only allows access from connections that origin from

More details in this post on OpenLDAP mailing list:

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