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[Fedora-directory-users] where is password sync for rhds 8.0

Apologies in advance for invoking rhds instead of fds, and for what will
surely prove to be a glaringly obvious answer, but I am tearing my hair
out trying to find where passsync.msi or passsync.exe went with the
release of redhat directory server 8.0.  

I have googled and have done the brute-force approaches like:
      rpm -ql redhat-ds*rpm |grep -I passsync
	find / -iname "passsync*"

to no avail.

In 19.2.4 of the Red Hat Directory Server 8.0 Administration Guide, it


If the Directory Server is upgraded from 7.1 to a service pack or to
version 8.0, then the Password Sync service must be reinstalled with the
newer version. "

So I assume there is a new version of the password sync service in 8.0, 
but I cannot find any mention of what directory or RPM to get the
passsync.msi from.  In rhds 7.1, the file was in
/opt/redhat-ds/winsync/PassSync.msi, but in rhds 8.0, the packages and
filesystem layout is different.

Does anyone know where the PassSync.msi file is in redhat directory
server 8.0?

- Aaron Oas

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