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[Fedora-directory-users] DSGW user authorization problem

     Dear Directory server experts,
 could you help me, please, to solve the problem with DSGW
I have successfully setup FDS on Fedora 9 with 
setup ssl with the help of script from this page:
run setup-ds-dsgw
Now, the directory server works, administration server works and
I can configure everything in DS and Admin server with console
 fedora-idm-console -a https://localhost:9830

  I can point my browser to https://localhost:9830 and use DSGW to
search successfully,
but I can not do authorization, when I try to authorize as some user
(normal user, Directory Manager or admin) I got the error:
 Authentication Failed
Authentication failed because the password you supplied is incorrect.
Please click the Retry button and try again. If you have forgotten the
password for this entry, a directory administrator must reset the
password for you. 

Of course, I am sure that the password is correct. There are no so much
useful information in the log files. The
executable /usr/lib64/dirsrv/dsgw-cgi-bin/doauth do this authorization.

I have read available documentation rather careful, but did not find the
answer. Looks like one of the solution is to use binddnfile directive
with special text file, but it looks strange for me that it is
impossible to use normal authorization in LDAP with DSGW.

    Do I missed something during the configuration or forgot to add some
special ACL?

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