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Re: Red Hat vs. Fedora

>>>>> "Akbar" == Akbar S Ahmed <akbar501 dslextreme com> writes:

Akbar> Hugo Cisneiros wrote:
>> I was revising the pt_BR.po file from the anaconda-po translation, and
>> noticed that I still see many Red Hat Linux names instead of Fedora. We
>> should leave it? For example...

Akbar> I'm not sure of the official line on this, but personnally I think
Akbar> we should go with Fedora. The last thing we want to do is confuse
Akbar> new users. Also, as we move forward I'm sure everyone will want to
Akbar> give Fedora its own flavor and "branding".

This seems reasonable to me, personally...

Akbar> However, work that is done by Red Hat should of course stay
Akbar> copyright Red Hat.

True.  However, it would be *really* nice if people that notice "Red Hat
Linux" in the .po files submit a bug to the appropriate package (anaconda,
in this case) to let the developers know that there might be an issue?  I
myself found a similar problem after Fedora Core had gone gold, and was
surprised that it had been completely missed by the developers...

Ed Bailey        Red Hat, Inc.          http://www.redhat.com/

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