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Re: Brazilian Portuguese

Tammy Fox wrote:
On Wed, Nov 26, 2003 at 08:00:12PM -0300, Hugo Cisneiros wrote:

Hugo Cisneiros wrote:

Well, three people appeared with this message. I think many people willing to contribute don't know the existence of this list... I'm thinking on creating a list devoted to this language. What do you think? It'll be better to discute translation to this specific language. Any ideas? :)

Hi, I created two lists:


The first is for Brazilian users, and the second is for Brazilian translators. If you're interested, you can subscribe sending a blank e-mail to:

fedora-br-subscribe devin com br
fedora-i18n-br-subscribe devin com br

And wait for confirmation. Discussions will be in Brazilian Portuguese. I appreciate any feedback :)


Would you like to have @redhat.com mailing lists instead? I can get
them setup for you. Just let me know.

Hi Tammy, I've already sent the request to the helpdesk to have those mailing lists set up. Haven't heard back from them yet :)



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